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The E3 has been tested with over 130 different fuel sources - while research we continiously find new sources of waste-fuel. From Nutshells to invasive species trees, plastic bags and bottles to shredded tires. Let´s use our resources more efficiently and create a close-loop waste free society. Contact us to test your custom fuel- we might be able to turn your waste into profit.


Fuel potentials for the E3

Every single day our research team at the technical university of Graz is working on finding new ways to turn waste products, agricultural waste and also municipal waste fractions into a sustainable feedstock mix that can be turned into Electricity, Heating and cooling in a safe way directly on site.


We call it Entrade E-Fuel and it is just the beginning. It provides the energy you need for your business, your car and even your home from our sustainable feedstock that is over 50% completely based on agricultural waste products.


In our laboratory we are continuously testing all different kinds of feedstock. No matter if they are pelletized or come as raw products. We are checking tar levels, gas compositions, and the exhaust gas.


Our E3 power generator was specially developed and designed to work with numerous different feedstock mixtures. We started with wood, but that is just the beginning.

Waste is one of the major challenges of the 21st Century. We have always believed that we need to find a way to turn waste products into sustainable fuel.  Those resources are far too valuable to be just thrown into rivers or oceans, be landfilled or just simply incinerated.

Entrade researchers mix and pelletize numerous kinds of different resources and raw materials to find the perfect blend. We carefully test every detail to make sure that it is efficient and environment-friendly.


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